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About FreshDashSolutions LLC:

Noticing the impact of poor hygienic environments of affiliated employees, colleagues, family, friends, and their
surroundings created a decreased quality of life at home and in the workplace, the founder decided to share and
coordinate the benefits of outsourcing cleaning services. Witnessing the horrors of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the
founder created a team that delivered COVID-19 Sterilization services, residential and commercial cleaning services
and began building the foundation for janitorial facilities.
As it was discovered the outsourcing of cleaning services resulted in better overall health in all aspects of life, the
passion for quality cleaning services that creates a productive and customer friendly environment emerged. Our
clients’ establishments were equipped to bring staff back confidently through our COVID-19 sterilization services
and cleaning practices.
Following the pandemic, we have expanded our capabilities to meet the heightened demand of janitorial services.
Our team is grounded in the passion for delivering high-quality cleaning services to improve health, appearance,
reputation, customer engagement, and quality of life.

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